Money Booth & Speed Pitch

Money Booth

Speed Pitch

Radar Gun
Grab the Fun!

Money Booths are great fun for all ages. The money booth comes with an attendant the will help put the guest in the booth.Once inside the money will blow all over the place and the guest will have 30 seconds to grab as much money as they can. A prize will be awarded to the guest who grabs the most money.Each guest will get at least one chance to go in the Booth. We will customize the money for your event. We can either put the guest of honors face on the money or the Company logo for corporate and charity functions.Money Booths can be rented separate or added to a package. The Money Booth is available for the entire party or the cocktail hour.

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How fast can you throw it?

How fast can you throw a baseball? An attendant will watch over this game with a radar gun to see how fast your guests throw the ball, and how accurate. Kids and adults will love the opportunity to use the radar gun on this inflatable carnival game rental. The speed pitch can be rented separate or added to another package. It is great for sports banquet's, carnivals, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, and family picnics.

Please call 1-877-847-7421 or email for pricing.

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